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Item Number ANT457
Description ca 1900 Blown Glass Hob-Nail Pitcher App Hdle
Notes ca. 1900 Hobnail Design Blown Glass Pitcher. This lovely pitcher has a fluted design applied glass handle, and a smooth-ground pontil. It stands 7" tall x 5" across at the widest part of the pitcher itself (approximately 5-1/2" across where the handle flares out the most), and measures 4-14" across the lip. Very graceful, and a mellow gold color. There is one tiny barely rough spot on the outer edge of the lip--not sure whether a manufacturing defect or a tiny flea bite--too small to see. Otherwise, in excellent condition; no damage to any of the hobnails and just the occasional bubble as usual in blown glass.
Category(ies) Glass & China & Pottery: Antique Vintage
Price $135.00