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Item Number ANT453
Description Blown Dark Blue Glass Bowl w/ Fluted Rim
Notes This bowl (or vase?) is extraordinarily lovely. When you look down into it, the pontil and flared design form a flower shape--it fact, the whole piece has a flower appearance. It is very heavy blown glass (no maker's mark that I can find) with a nicely polished pontil. It stands 4-1/4" tall x 6-1/4" across, with an opening of approximately 4-1/2" and the inside bowl opening 3" deep. The base is clear glass, with it shading up into blue--very deep blue on the folder over portion of the fluted top. A couple of tiny manufacturer's defects--not scratches or anything, just a tiny line of slightly raised surface on the side. Otherwise, no condition problems at all--excellent!
Category(ies) Glass & China & Pottery: Antique Vintage
Price $85.00