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Item Number ANT449
Description Celluloid Lady Ball Gown Doll Sewing Basket
Notes Really unusual sewing kit. This is a peachy-pink celluloid in her court ball gown, holding a fan in one hand and flowers in the other. She opens into 3 pieces. The skirt portion is hollow, presumably so you can stand spools of thread on the pegs in the bottom portion (which also has a center portion for needles and pins). There's what looks like a one-sided powder puff that fits into the opening between the top portion and the skirt portion, I assume to keep you from sticking yourself on anything sharp you might have stored in that middle part of the bottom layer. Her body (upper portion) is also hollow, but darned if I know if it is for some sort of storage, too. She stands 6" tall x 4-1/4" across her skirt. Could stand a bit of cleaning inside, but no condition problems at all. No maker's marks I can find.
Category(ies) Misc. Antiques & Collectibles, Art & Photos
Price $150.00