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Item Number ANT427
Description Blue Stone Zuni Buffalo Fetish Carn Eyes
Notes Unusually small Zuni fetish, which has a hole drilled through his middle, so you could put a cord or very thin chain through him and wear him as a necklace or bracelet. This little buffalo is carved out of a very dark blue stone, perhaps Lapis. He has carnellian eyes. For this small a fetish, there is quite a lot of detail in the heavy coat on the front part of his body. He measures 1/2" tall x 5/16" wide x 1" long. Excellent condition. No maker's mark that I can see, but bought by me at Reyna's Gallerias & Native American Museum in San Juan Bautista, CA in the 1980s.
Category(ies) American Indian: Jewelry Art Collectibles
Price $40.00