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Item Number ANT371
Description 1886 Vellum UK Transfer Property Official Seal
Notes Excellent condition U.K. vellum transfer of property upon death, dated 3/13/1886. The scan makes the lower portion look "browned" on the edges--it isn't. There's one very small brownish spot directly below the signatures at the bottom, but otherwise supple, unbrowned, and in excellent condition. It is from Chester County. It has an official U.K. Court of Justice embossed seal (measuring 3-3/4") attached to and hanging from the body of the document (the body of the document measures 12-1/2" tall x 10-1/4" wide). It concerns the Shaw family of 32 Long Acre Street. A great bit of history, in excellent condition.
Category(ies) Ephemera: Miscellaneous Paper & Other Collectibles
Price $125.00