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Item Number ANT287
Description Navajo Rug Tree Of Life Pictorial Angela Yazzie
Notes This Tree Of Life Bird Pictorial Design Navajo Rug, woven by Angela Yazzie, is extremely finely woven--very professional with a very high count per inch. It is reversible--same design and colors on both sides and equally excellent design and colors on both sides. The rug is "square"--the perspective on the digital photos makes it appear a bit narrower at the bottom, but it isn't. White yarn edge stitching and corner fringe. It was bought from Garland's Navajo Rugs in Sedona, AR around 1980. It is 13-1/2" x 20" in size. No wear at all--it has only been used as a wall hanging (mounted on wall only by velcro fastened to the wall--not the rug). Truly beautiful!
Category(ies) American Indian: Jewelry Art Collectibles
Price $2500.00