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Occasionally when we've been very prolific about listing more items online we send out an email telling interested people about some of the items we've added to our site. If images are included they would be small and copied into our email instead of being attached, for safety's sake.

Also only occasionally, if you've chosen to leave us data below about special interests you might have - whether certain authors, titles, book genres or specific topics, or particular antiques/collectibles objects - and we get in additional inventory we think you'd be interested in hearing about, we send out interest-specific emails before we list those items online.

If you'd like to be included on either or both lists, fill in your name and email address below, click on the appropriate box to indicate whether you want our occasional newly listed book-related emails, special interests emails, or both, tell us about your special interests if any, and then click on SEND at the bottom of this page.

Our lists are opt-in only. If you decide you no longer want to be on one or both of our email lists, simply reply to our email from the same email address you used to join our list(s) so we can identify you, and type in 'Opt-Out' at the beginning of the Subject line in the email header. You can also opt-out by filling in your name and email address again on this page, click the box by the Opt-Out line below, and then click on SEND at the bottom of this page.

If your email program requires you to white-list addresses from which you want to receive mail, any emails coming from us would be from

Your data does not stay here on our site but instead when you click on 'SEND' below, an email will be sent to us giving us your name, email address, telling us which list(s) you would like to be added to, and giving us what information you may have added about any special interests.

Note that no names or email addresses will show in the 'To' line of any list email sent by us. All you'd see is that we sent ourselves an email with a Subject line of either 'New At aaabooks' or 'Of Special Interest From aaabooks'. No 3rd party is involved in sending our list emails.

We won't ever give or sell your personal data to anyone else for any reason other than the legal or safety concerns stated on our Privacy Page.

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