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PRICING: Authors & Artists | prices are already discounted on our own site and for a short while, with the use of the BOOKSELLER code during checkout as described on our home page, there is an additional 30% discount added to our already applied 10% discount (totals around 29% discount since the 30% applied to our already discounted pricing). Our way of saying 'Thank You!' for shopping directly with us.

This additional discount offer only available while we are considering retiring. Do contact us if you are interested in buying our entire inventory (which includes an additional 500-650 good books we've not gotten around to listing online) plus our custom site and our related domain names.

Additional discounts are not available unless you are 1) another bookseller offering a similar % reciprocal dealer discount who orders directly from us, 2) you are one of our established buyers we've made other arrangements with, 3) unless you want to buy multiple items or a large dollar amount in total, or 4) you would like to set up a custom, ongoing purchase arrangement with us. In any these cases, please contact us at prior to placing an order to receive a coupon name for checkout use.

Only one such coupon can be used on any one order and does not discount sales tax or shipping, if applicable to your order. If a more complex transaction with a buyer known to us, we can also send you a custom invoice via email with the same payment options, on or off our site, for an agreed upon amount.

AVAILABILITY OF ITEMS: We sell mostly one-of-a-kind items, particularly as far as condition, and it is possible though not probable that two people would order the same book or item at almost the same time. In such a case, the first order we receive will be honored. If this should happen, we will of course refund your payment and if you wish try to find you a comparable item.

ITEM PICTURES: Our A&A logo may appear on our images. There is nothing on the item itself; the logo is just superimposed on the image as a copyright measure since our images are of the actual items we have for sale. Our images, whether photographs or scans and whether or not the A&A logo is on the image, are NOT available for others to use since each item we sell is unique as far as condition. Note that all book dustjackets are protected by clear, removable protectors so most of our images will show the dustjackets in those protectors.

RETURNS/REFUNDS: Please see our Security/Payments/Returns page; link in left menus.

QUESTIONS: Please feel free to email us for information or with questions, at any time 24/7, at

CONTACT INFORMATION: Information: 918-686-6131. FAX: 918-686-8114. Orders Only: 800-243-6131. Best time to reach us by phone is 3 p.m. to midnight daily, Central U.S. time.

MAILING LIST: If you would like to be placed on our mailing list to be notified of acquisitions in your area of interest, please sign up for participation by clicking on Mailing List/Interests in our left menus. Your data won't ever be shared or sold.

OUR WANTS: We are continually adding to our online books inventory so tell us about any good books you might have you think we'd be interested in. Check our 'Wanted' upper menu tab for books we're normally always interested in, and condition/edition specifics we look for.

MEMBER OF: Authors & Artists | is a founding member of and adheres to the professional and customer service standards of IOBA, the Independent Online Booksellers Association.

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