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Our Authors & Artists business name came from the store we had in Boulder, Colorado back in the 1990s. We sold books (at that time used, rare and new books), many local artists' and craftspeople's work on consignment, plus some small antiques and collectibles. We now use both Authors & Artists and our domain name of aaabooks.com since becoming online-only booksellers.

Our Boulder store was in a house that started life as a miner's shack over 110 years ago. It had gone through several lives, the last before us as a dance studio. Since a mixed residential and business neighborhood, to keep neighbors from being driven nuts by loud music during those dance studio days, the inside was well soundproofed and the front windows had been covered.

Six of the artists whose work we sold 'prettified' the front for us by doing beautiful large paintings with book themes for those front windows. We enclosed the paintings in plexiglass to weatherproof them, and they gave our store a unique bookish look.

Those paintings represented characters from some loved books - from Isaac Asimov's I, Robot to Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson's Alice's Adventures In Wonderland) to William S. Burroughs' Naked Lunch. Here's the store on a rather drab and colorless late winter day and where I work from now - with an office in a large room that once was a sunroom with wildlife wandering past my windows and bulk business inventory shelving and storage in another area.

In 1996 we moved to a rural area near Muskogee, OK where I had family and I became an online-only bookseller. I (Shirley) am the book person, and my husband Jim is the bookkeeper and shipping guru. The critters just laze around the non-business parts of the house and their yards enjoying the fruits of our labor (never allowed in rooms with for-sale books, of course!).

We are continually adding to our online books inventory so tell us about any good books you might have you think we'd be interested in buying via our 'Wanted' tab. Our 'Related' tab has a ton of book related links plus some useful unrelated links.

If you would like to join our occasional mailing list re new acquisitions or those in your interest areas not yet listed online sign up via our Mailing List/Interests link (left menus). We always have a backlog of as yet unlisted inventory so we may well have something you're looking for that you don't see on our site.

Jeff Falco was an incredibly knowledgeable reference librarian who was a great friend to book sellers and book lovers on a very large online book list for many years - a very private person who signed his posts simply as Regards, Jeff. When Jeff died in 2009 his family gave us permission to put up a separate section on our site to honor Jeff's memory and his contributions of knowledge (and wit) to the book world.

For truly arcane Q&A about the book world check out the as yet small percentage of the many questions Jeff answered in the 'Regards Jeff' section (upper menu tabs). It has its own search and category browse. The section will keep growing as I add more items from the very large 10+ years backlog of Jeff's book-related wisdom I've saved, so check back frequently.

Authors & Artists | aaabooks.com is a founding member of and adheres to the professional and customer service standards of IOBA. IOBA is the Independent Online Booksellers Association, which includes a members' bookselling site reached via the menus and browse/search on its home page or directly at IOBA Books and which also has an online newsletter at IOBA Standard or via the links on IOBA's home page. Do some searching through the Standard archives of past issues (listed by date on the right side of the Standard's home page). Yours truly was editor of The Standard from 2001 through the Spring, 2004 issue. There's an enormous amount of fascinating data contained in those past issues of great relevance to today's worlds of bookselling and book collecting. All that data is searchable by key words or phrases via the 'Search the Standard' function.